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Air gap technology was first developed in Europe over 30 years ago. It has been in North America since the late 80’s and since then, its effective performance has caught hold of the North American market and totally changed the building practices for waterproofing and dampproofing to date.

SUPERSEAL offers several different types of air gap membranes to choose from for all your moisture control needs. SUPERSEAL's air gap technology can allow you to do the job right the first time.

SUPERSEAL's Products

SUPERSEAL Dimpled Membrane is used for moisture control of exterior foundation walls, interior basement walls, subfloor applications, under-slab applications and for gas vapor control. Most commonly, SUPERSEAL Dimpled Membrane is used for new home construction and provides a permanent moisture barrier around your home. SUPERSEAL Dimpled Membrane can be installed on any type of foundation, bridges gaps, normal cracks and voids and eliminates 100% of the headwater pressure off the face of the wall and is very user friendly.

SUPERSEAL SuperDrain Membranes is an air gap membrane with a geo-textile cloth on one side, which provides a drainage path. It is primarily used for the protection of waterproofing coatings and providing a drainage path for moisture while eliminating 100% hydrostatic pressure from subterranean surfaces. SUPERSEAL SuperDrain Membranes is also used for civil engineering projects such as retaining walls, landscaping drainage, parking decks, earth shelters and split slab construction. SUPERSEAL SuperDrain Membranes can also be ordered with an optional slipsheet that allows the backfill material and the membrane to settle or slip without harming the integrity of the waterproof coating.

SUPERSEAL Tunnel drainage is a heavy-duty air gap membrane with ¾ inch high and 1 5/8” wide dimples, that provide a high flow drainage capacity. SUPERSEAL Tunnel drainage has a high compressive strength that can withstand heavy loads and is used for lagging walls, airport runways, tunnel drainage, highways, bridges, green roofs and can also be used with shotcrete stabilization projects. In addition, SUPERSEAL Tunnel drainage is rot proof, impervious to root penetration, unaffected by soil and bacterial fungi and is resistant to a wide range of chemicals.

SUPERSEAL Dimpled Mesh is a specialty-dimpled sheet that is used for dampness control on walls. When installed over damp underlying wall surfaces, the dimpled sheet creates a continuous air gap for free air circulation behind plaster or render finishes. SUPERSEAL Dimpled Mesh provides moisture control and an excellent bonding surface for render coats, shotcrete, spray on foam and plaster coats up to 25 mm thick. SUPERSEAL Dimpled Mesh is most commonly used for basement walls, tunnels and underground excavated rock surfaces.

SUPERSEAL Warm N Quiet Subflooris an insulated air gap membrane that can be used under a variety of floor finishes. SUPERSEAL Warm N Quiet Subflooralso provides noise deadening, maximizes footfall sound reduction, enhances thermal insulation and ensures a full-surface air circulation.

Air gap Applications

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Air gap technology is widely accepted for several different types of residential, commercial and industrial construction and drainage applications. Some of these applications include exterior or interior foundation walls, subfloor and under slab applications, engineering projects such as tunnels, bridge abutments, green roofs, earth shelters, garden plazas, parking decks, split slab applications, and retaining walls.

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