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Being a dealer of SUPERSEAL Construction Products Ltd.. means you will have access to our broad range of air gap waterproofing products. Dealers also receive wholesale pricing, effective advertising and in-store seminars from our Technical Representatives. With this working system on your side, you will have a faster turnover of product, higher profit returns and increased customer satisfaction.

Product Benefits

Outstanding Performance of Products
SUPERSEAL offers a broad range of air gap waterproofing products and accessories that can withstand the test of time.

Easy Storage
SUPERSEAL's products can be stored outside, have no expiry date and do not require any maintenance.

Product Sales
SUPERSEAL's products have the largest roll size selection in the industry.
As a dealer, you can sell SUPERSEAL's products by the truckload,
pallet, roll or by the foot.

Growing Customer Base
SUPERSEAL’s products have become widely accepted and favored by builders, waterproofing contractors and do-it-yourselfers. The low-cost, ease of use and outstanding performance of SUPERSEAL’s waterproofing products has made SUPERSEAL the new market leader for the air gap industry.

Ease of Use
SUPERSEAL provides several types of air gap waterproofing products. These products have several uses and are quick and easy to install with common tools. Every roll comes with step-by-step installation instructions to ensure a hassle free installation.

Foundation waterproofing products

Quick and easy to install air gap waterproofing products


Working Together

Customer Support
SUPERSEAL's toll-free number is available to assist customers in any way possible. SUPERSEAL is able to answer questions and assist in fulfilling immediate and long-term needs. When you become a dealer of SUPERSEAL air gap products, SUPERSEAL will not only provide you with an excellent customer support program but also with informational videos, brochures and installation instructions. SUPERSEAL also provides in-store information seminars on products and applications so your sale associates can feel more confident answering customer questions. In addition, a SUPERSEAL sales representative will keep in touch with you on a monthly basis to ensure you have enough product.

Advertising Support
The advertising team at SUPERSEAL works hard attending tradeshows, advertising in national magazines and doing direct mail-outs that generate leads aimed towards your local contractors. These leads are then forwarded to the appropriate dealer based on location. SUPERSEAL also offers dealers jobsite and in-store signage and information pamphlets. Through working together with SUPERSEAL's leading team of professionals and advertising specialists, dealers are sure to succeed in making it happen.

Better Prices Mean Higher Profits
SUPERSEAL offers better prices and larger selection of waterproofing products than the competition. Dealers are able to purchase SUPERSEAL’s broad range of air gap membranes and accessories at wholesale prices. Dealers can also save on storage costs, as SUPERSEAL’s products can be easily stored outside.

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