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Click to learn more about SUPERSEAL Dimpled Membrane

Click to learn more about SUPERSEAL Dimpled Membrane

SUPERSEAL Tunnel Drainage- civil engineering waterproofing products for tunnel drainage, lagging walls, and green roof applications line

Warranty-basement waterproofing systems
"SUPERSEAL's basement waterproofing systems have the best warranties in the industry"

uperseal SuperDrain Membranes- Drainage and protection of walls and waterproof coatings line

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Product Benefits


Basement Waterproofing Systems for all Homes

SUPERSEAL Dimpled Membrane can easily be installed on any type of foundation whether it's Poured Concrete, Concrete Block, Wood or Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF's). SUPERSEAL's Basement Waterproofing Systems can also be used in retrofit applications such as a subfloor for damp basements and protection on interior walls with french drains.

All-In-One Protection

SUPERSEAL Dimpled Membrane is a waterproofing or dampproofing and drainage layer all-in-one. There is minimal wall preparation needed to ensure maximum protection. SUPERSEAL Dimpled Membrane removes 100% of the hydrostatic headwater pressure off the face of the wall and the footing joint. With SUPERSEAL’s Basement Waterproofing Systems, you just roll it on, fasten and walk away.

No Weather Restrictions

SUPERSEAL Dimpled Membrane can be installed in any weather condition. You do not have to wait for the concrete to cure or for the weather to clear up. You will be able to work when your competition is stuck waiting for a better day. SUPERSEAL Dimpled Membrane is a one-trip application.

SUPERSEAL provides an immediate competitive advantage for maximum market penetration over other basement waterproofing systems. If you are a poured wall contractor, waterproofing contractor, Insulated concrete forms installer, thinking of getting into the business or want bigger profits, call SUPERSEAL.


easy to install- basement waterproofing systems

As a certified installer of SUPERSEAL Dimpled Membrane, SUPERSEAL will provide you with controlled territory application rights, training from our technical representatives and access to our proven low cost high speed fastening system. SUPERSEAL’s Basement Waterproofing Systems will enable you to quickly install our product and make profits on your very first job.


Several Roll Sizes

There are several roll-sizes to choose from ranging 4 feet to 13 feet high and 65.5 feet long. Just pick the size needed and roll it onto the foundation. With a large variety of roll sizes comes less installation time, less overlap and minimal waste.

Environmentally Friendly

SUPERSEAL's basement waterproofing systems are 100% environmentally friendly and do not emit any harmful toxins, gases or V.O.C’s. You are safe with SUPERSEAL products.

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SUPERSEAL Construction Products specializes in air gap membranes all across North America line

Working Together

No large Capital Outlays Required

SUPERSEAL Construction Products Ltd.. does not charge franchise fees. No expensive tools or equipment are required to install SUPERSEAL’s Basement Waterproofing Systems.

 basement waterproofing systems
basement waterproofing systems that last as long as the structure


Better Prices Mean Higher Profits

SUPERSEAL offers better prices and a larger selection than the competition. Our installers will be able to purchase SUPERSEAL basement waterproofing systems and accessories at wholesale pricing


  • Backed by a 40-year product warranty
  • Installers certified by SUPERSEAL add a further 10-year labor warranty with up to $12,000 of coverage

Advertising Support

The advertising team at SUPERSEAL works hard attending tradeshows, advertising in national magazines and doing direct mail outs that generate leads aimed towards your local contractors. These leads are then forwarded to the appropriate certified installer based on location. We also provide co-op advertising in terms of jobsite signage, truck decals, pamphlets, brochures, videos and product samples. Certified installers will succeed in making it happen with SUPERSEAL’s leading team of professionals and advertising specialists.

Customer Support

SUPERSEAL's toll-free number is available to support certified installers in anyway possible. SUPERSEAL's staff is able to answer questions and help fulfill immediate and long-term needs. SUPERSEAL also offers on-site training, installation videos and fully illustrated instructions for new installers. It is very important to us that SUPERSEAL’s products are installed to meet and exceed the highest standards.


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