Installation Instructions

Double Dimple Carpet Solution

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SUPERSEAL Carpet & Laminate Subfloor is a moisture barrier and thermal break membrane with a unique double dimple design. Tack strips can be nailed right through the membrane in carpet installations.
Carpet & Laminate Subfloor - Profile Carpet & Laminate Subfloor height


Tack Strips Can be Nailed Through Membrane
Holds the membrane in place while protecting the entire floor assembly from moisture.

Unique Double Dimple Design
Allows both the substrate and the flooring to breathe.

Extremely High Compressive Strength
Furniture legs will not damage or crush it.

Ultra Thin Profile 0.11" (2.8mm)
Fits under most existing baseboards and door casings and provides minimal transitions between flooring surfaces

Easy Installation - No Special Fasteners
Carpet & Laminate Subfloor is 10x faster and 90% lighter than plywood subfloors.

Economically Priced, High Performance Subfloor
Eliminates additional costs as compared to plywood systems.

Permanent Moisture Barrier
Stops substrate moisture from absorbing into underlay, carpet and wood.


SUPERSEAL Carpet & Laminate Subfloor is designed to have a tack strip nailed through it. In adddition, the unique Double Dimple design gives the Carpet & Laminate Subfloor unmatched strength compared to anyone on the market today. This means the most table and chair legs will not affect the performance of the membrane.

All-In-One Subfloor can be used under carpet, BUT you can not nail a tack strip through it. You must install the All-In-One 1/4 inch away from the inside edge of the tack strip. In addition, it is not as strong as the Carpet & Laminate Subfloor when it comes to table and chair legs.

Both products work fantastic under Laminate & Engineered wood, but the Carpet & Laminate Subfloor allows air flow under and above the membrane adding an extra level of protection.

Detailed Installation Instructions

Climatize the Roll

Because plastic and wood both expand and contract in heat and cold, SUPERSEAL Carpet & Laminate Subfloor needs to be properly climatized for approximately 12-24 hours at a temperature between 60-80ºF (15-26ºC) prior to installation.

Cut and remove the tape that is keeping the roll together and loosen it up a little to allow it to expand properly. You can also pre cut the roll to size before you climitize it, however you may have to trim the edges again before you install the tack strip.

When unrolling the membrane, you must flip it over before taping the seams or installing the tack strip. This will help prevent the membrane from rolling back up.


When installing SUPERSEAL Carpet & Laminate Subfloor and you have a seam, butt the 2 pieces together and tape the seam using SUPERSEAL Subfloor Tape.