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Warm N Quiet Subfloor
Insulating & Sound Reducing Subfloor

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Sound Reduction & Insulating Subfloor, Laminate, Floating Wood and Carpet
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Laminate, Floating Wood Flooring
Warm N Quiet Subfloor is a high performance and moderately priced subfloor that dramatically reduces footfall noise, insulates your floor and protects against moisture in one easy application.
  • Footfall Sound Reduction
    The integrated dimple and foam layers help to decouple the floor from the substrate. This isolates and maximizes the reduction of impact sound and vibration caused by foot fall noise
  • Insulated Floors
    The dimples provide a thermal break and the foam layer enhances thermal insulation, creating a warm and comfortable floor
  • Controls Dampness
    The air space created by the dimples provide under surface ventilation that allows rising dampness from the substrate to dry
  • Permanent Barrier
    Warm N Quiet Subfloor is a tough long lasting plastic product that does not absorb moisture and helps avoid mold and mildew growth
  • Easy Installation
    It is quick and easy to install requiring no fasteners. It comes in user friendly, lightweight and easy to transport roll sizes
Warm N Quiet Installation Steps

Warm N Quiet Specifications

Dimpled Sheet
High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
Foam Layer
Closed Cell Polypropylene (PE)
Compressive Strength
3,200 psf ( 150 kN/m² )
Dimple Height
5/16" (8mm)
Sound Reduction*
*Results vary based on construction technique
26 db
Product Only
STC 62

Product Summary

If you poured hot coffee into a paper cup as compared to hot coffee into a foam cup, it's easy to see why the insulating value of Warm N Quiet Subfloor is superior to other types of subfloor products.

SUPERSEAL Warm N Quiet Subfloor is a dimpled sheet with an integrated foam layer that maximizes footfall noise reduction and enhances thermal insulation. The air gap created by the dimpled plastic membrane allows substrate moisture to evaporate keeping moisture away from the floor finish.

Product Applications

SUPERSEAL Warm N Quiet Subfloor can be used directly under laminate click type flooring that is 12mm or thicker. For laminate click flooring that is less than 12mm or for nail down hardwood, carpet or vinyl installations, a 5/8's inch or thicker tongue and groove plywood/OSB layer is required on top of the Warm N Quiet Subfloor.

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Product Advantages

  • SUPERSEAL Warm N Quiet Subfloor helps to transform your basement from a cold storage area into a comfortable warm usable family room.
  • SUPERSEAL Warm N Quiet Subfloor is a specialty dimpled sheet used for insulation under a variety of floor finishes.
  • It's low profile 5/16" (8mm) helps to maintain headroom and provides easy transition to other floor surfaces when installing laminates.
  • SUPERSEAL Warm N Quiet Subfloor's comforting benefits are unlike any other competitors dimpled subfloor membrane.
  • The integrated foam layer is ideal for sound insolation reduction between floor levels.
  • The continuous air gap created by the dimpled texture ensures air circulation, keeping moisture away from the floor finish
  • Extremely durable and strong, with a compressive strength of approximately 3,200psf
  • Makes floors softer and more comfortable to walk on
  • SUPERSEAL Warm N Quiet Subfloor is environmentally friendly and comes with a 20-Year Limited Product Warranty. Contact SUPERSEAL for Details.
  • Installing a home theatre, family room or dance floor, Warm N Quiet will provide the comfort you need.Don't start your project without it.

Line underneath: construction floor slab with thermal insulation


Unroll & Cut to Fit Step 2 - tape Seams Step 3 - install Flooring - note - Carpet and Tongue and groove wood applications require additional T&G plywood layer