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Tunnel Drainage

High Flow Drainage & Garden Roof Solutions

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Tunnel Drainage is a long lasting separating layer that controls moisture and heavy ground water flow. It can be used for tunnels, shotcrete and green roofs applications, worldwide.
Shotcrete shell, St. Gotthard Base Tunnel, Switzerland
Tunnel Drainage used,1.4 million ft² (130,000 m²)

Heavy Duty High Flow Drainage

Tunnel Drainage, with it's ¾" (20mm) dimples, provides permanent protection for tunnels and other underground structures that are exposed to heavy groundwater flow.

Under Slab Drainage
Under Slab Drainage
  • Tunnels and rock surfaces
  • Gunite or Shotcrete diaphragm walls and shells
  • Land bank stabilization
  • Roof garden drainage
  • Horticulture seedlings
  • Split slab / remediation
  • Mining shafts
  • Soil and gravel stabilization

Tunnel Drainage Rolls
Green Roof Drainage
Green Roof Drainage
In sheets or rolls, perforated
Tunnel Drainage Sheets

Tunnel Drainage Specifications
Tunnel Drainage can also be ordered as sheets with perforations.
They will be a special order and are only available in pallet quantities (350 sheets per pallet)

Dimpled Sheet
High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
Compressive Strength
3,200 psf (150 kN/m² )
Drainage Capacity
6,000 l/h/m
Dimple Height
.79" (20mm)
Membrane Thickness
40mil (1.0mm)

Optional 1.4mm available

Product Applications

SUPERSEAL Tunnel Drainage provides maximum high flow drainage ability for industrial, commercial, mining and civil applications such as lagging walls, tunnels, highway construction, under floor slabs, bank and land stabilization and underground structures exposed to heavy groundwater flow. SUPERSEAL Tunnel Drainage is also available perforated to act as a continuous reservoir, regulating water accumulation and preventing heat buildup in garden roof and turf roof applications.
Product Non-Perforated & Perforated

SUPERSEAL Tunnel Drainage is made out of a 40 or optional 50-mil polyethylene membrane with ¾" (20mm) high dimples, with approximately 400 dimples per m² to ensure maximum drainage and pressure equalizing ventilation under even the most difficult of conditions.

In Green roof and garden applications, water can be stored in over 400 reservoirs per m². Excess water is drained off through perforations provided in the membrane. Green house horticultural seedlings can be started during early growth periods in sheet sizes that can be ordered to suit.
Tunnel Drainage can be placed dimples facing up to secure soils or gravel beds in situations where there is a high level of mud or undesirable soils.

Product Advantages
  • Forms a watertight yet flexible barrier around the surfaces to be protected
  • Available in perforated and non perforated and in sheets or rolls
  • The 20mm high cone shaped dimples spaced at approx. 60mm centers in both directions ensures a high flow drainage capacity of up to 36,000 l/h/m
  • Provides additional thermal insulation of the structure
  • Is suitable for high value permanent shuttering
  • Tough and durable with a high compression strength of 3200psf (150 kN/m²)
  • Resistant to a wide range of chemicals, impervious to root penetration, rot-proof and unaffected by soil bacteria, fungi and alkaline environments It also ensures good root aeration in green applications
  • Environmentally friendly and can be ordered approved for drinking water applications
  • The air gap is able to perform as damp pressure equalizing, ventilating or drainage
  • Can be ordered with a fire rating class of DIN 4102 B2 or optional B1 class
  • Mechanical protection of waterproofing membranes in tunnels


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